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an advanced art challenge. While we encourage people to do the challenge on their own, we will only post pictures of those we feel are of an excellent quality in terms of skill and/or creativity. If you feel you are qualified, please read the rules to find out how this blog will work and how to apply and e-mail us your applications and submissions! We will put them up as we receive them.

Oct 31, 2010

Important Reminders!

I just want to say Thank you to everyone who has joined and submitted to our first challenge thus far. We have gotten some insanely beautiful submissions and I don’t know how to thank the people who have posted and pimped the blog in their own way. I only hope we can get even more people to get in on the action! With that said here are some reminders.

1. You may join the blog at anytime! I have gotten many comments from people who are afraid that once the challenge has started or moved past the first letter they cannot join. There are also many among you who are too busy to work on a challenge at the moment but hope to do so in the future. This is not a problem, feel free to submit an app at anytime during the ongoing challenge. This leads me to item number 2…

2. Even if you miss the deadline for a letter you can still do it, submit it and have it posted! I’ve had a lot of people express concern that they have missed the deadline for the Angha and will not be able to finish/have it put on the blog it. But great news my friends! You can! Even if we are on the letter Z you may still complete the letter A! So no worries.

3. Even if you do not have your work put on the blog you may still be part of the DA group. We are accepting of EVERYONE. So be sure to submit your work the DA Alphabeastiary if you have a deviantart account.


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