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an advanced art challenge. While we encourage people to do the challenge on their own, we will only post pictures of those we feel are of an excellent quality in terms of skill and/or creativity. If you feel you are qualified, please read the rules to find out how this blog will work and how to apply and e-mail us your applications and submissions! We will put them up as we receive them.

Oct 18, 2010


There seem to be a fair number of questions floating around about this project.  If you have any, please ask here and Kasey and I will discuss it (if discussing is needed) and answer, and we will add it to the rules page so people in the future will know.


Nika said...

While I don't have any specific monster drawings I've drawn in terms of a portfolio, would I be able to send in what I do have (i.e., portraits, environments, still-lifes, what have you) to show what I can do? I'm incredibly interesting in participating, but alas, I haven't drawn any monsters...yet. :D

Kasey said...

Of course! We don't require you to send in monsters to join but you do have to be able to draw pretty well all around to be accepted.

Silver_Dragon said...

I'm sure this has already been asked, but, where do we send the drawings?
Is there a deadline?

Anonymous said...

Pease read this page:

Miisa said...

Is it possible for us to suggest monsters to future letters? Of course by also giving proper info/links with suggestions for you to consider.

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