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Oct 30, 2010

Artist: Lauren Blakely - A


Kasey said...

Dude...I think your Angha is checking me out... and he likes what he sees. Oh..YEAH.

Caryn said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry, but this being a skill-based/set blog, I'm disappointed in this entry. If it's a cartoon, it's ver inconsistent with the style, since it looks like three different drawings slapped together. If it is a "stylised" piece, I'm disappointed in the proportions and the slap-dash digital colouring.

The rest of the blog from what I have seen is a smorgasbord of wonderful art. This doesn't fit in with the rest, despite the range of styles on show.

A poor effort when I suspect the artist could do much better. :o

Nazgul said...

Not to bash, but this piece really doesn't seem up to par with the rest of this blog nor the artist's blog/website. The proportions are confusing, as is the attempt (?) at cartoon style. What happened here?
(repost due to a typo :p)

Anonymous said...

Hey now Techno & Nazgul, keep it constructive. Encourage artists on where they can improve, not scare them away. This place has the potential to be a better community than that.

Lauren, your Angha has a TON of personality, and that makes him shine! I think if he was posed with a stronger action line, he could really show more power (w/ his big ol' lion paws) and grace (w/ them delicate peacock wings and tail.

Keep at it or give it another whirl! I look forward to seeing your Bush Dai-Dai this week! :)


Anonymous said...

There was never any rules against cartoon based pieces (as based on the fact there's been 3 other cartoon style submissions), so if there's a complaint about it being a cartoon it is unfounded.

As for if you think someone isn't doing well enough you should say so with critiques on how they should better themselves rather than saying they're not good enough and leaving it at that; it's rude and unhelpful.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, despite the negative tone, some of what Techno and Nazgul said WAS constructive. It addressed specific parts of the piece that they found less than apropos and they asked clear questions regarding the intent of the piece. Just because something isn't positive doesn't make it not a critique.

That being said, I like the expression, especially what you did with the mouth, but the proportions, especially in the feet are a little odd - if you're more decisive about your stylization, it'll come off a lot stronger.
Additionally, the wings seem especially flat - the one furthest from us is no smaller or more foreshortened than the one closer - addressing that would make the pose more believable.
The wings on the neck are a nice touch to making the whole creature blend together. :)

Anonymous said...

Techno was more specific, but Nazgul's slight of "the porportions look off" is hardly anywhere near constructive enough to warrant the rest of their statement. I didn't specify whose comment I had the problem with, that was my bad.

Lufisipico said...

Hey children, dont fight. Be good.
Who said this must be real?
Isn't this art? Art is not real. No proportions. Art is imagination.
This is what Laurean imagined. And it is good. Style? You like or you don't like, but, what you don't like someone may like. Not bad not good, only like or dont like.
Get it???

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