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an advanced art challenge. While we encourage people to do the challenge on their own, we will only post pictures of those we feel are of an excellent quality in terms of skill and/or creativity. If you feel you are qualified, please read the rules to find out how this blog will work and how to apply and e-mail us your applications and submissions! We will put them up as we receive them.

Nov 4, 2010

Angha Artist Spotlight

It was very hard to settle on an Angha to feature. To say that the one we've choosen is the best would be the wrong thing to say since all of the entries were wonderful and too different to compare. But this particular Angha really stood out to us as a highlight of the letter and a general basis for the quality of entries we would like to see in the future.

Our feature Emma Lazauski is to put it bluntly, an insanely talented artist. She is a multi-talented lady with a knack for composition and a renaissance like skill set that includes nature, animals and humans. She has the sensabilities of a traditional watercolor painter but the quirks of a true storyteller. Her Angha manages to seamlessly combine the different animals and elements while having a real medieval beastiary flare. We hope to see more wonderful work from her for the other letters of our Alphabeastiary. Featured below are two other spectacular pieces by Emma and her gallery can be found here.

Keep up the good work everybody!


Keelamari said...

Definitely can't argue here. That phoenix/Firebird? is beautiful.

Emma said...

Oh wow, thank you very much for the feature!

This challenge has gotten off to a really great start and it will be a real treat to watch as the art comes in from each challenge.

Rin said...

Emma is awesome at everything. :D Her sketchbooks are amaaaaazzzinngngggg

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