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Dec 1, 2010

Catoblepas Artist Spotlight

What can I say about our Catoblepas spotlight F."Pythosblaze" Matthews? Her work is There are people who can draw monsters and then there are people who can draw monsters. Some artists just know how to make a good creature, beasts that contain traces of things we recognize and introduce us to something we've never seen before. Great artists combine the familiar and the alien into something so cool we want a little action figure of it on our desks just so WE can feel cool.

Aside from being cool Matthew's Catoblepas piece shows a truly beautiful grasp of animal anatomy, perspective and color. (Three of the hardest things to get a grasp of) I personally love how her Catoblepas has traits of a real wildebeest but scales that look almost like exposed muscle and spines more at home on a xenomorph then anything else. This piece is just creative with a capital C.

Below you can see two more examples of Pythosblaze magic. You'll come for the insane amount of detail, the incredible pen work and the variety of mediums the artist experiments (and succeeds) with but you will no doubt stay for the monsters.

Seriously look at this thing. It is so cool.

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shadowofthestorm13 said...

FFFF Thank you so much! This means more to me than you can possibly imagine!

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