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Dec 1, 2010

Bush Dai-Dai Artist Spotlight

Our late feature for the Bush Dai-Dai is the wonderful Clair Price. The entries thus received for the Dai-Dai have been (to me anyway) more diverse then the Angha and the Catoblepas combined. The many different ways people interpret her have ranged from sexy and almost innocent to nightmarish and animalistic. But among all the entries Clair's stands out to us as something unique in its both its medium and execution.

The strong watercolor work hides small details within it, almost telling the whole story of the monsterous succubus in a single image. The style and strong colors also draw to mind the art of the African and South American roots of the Bush Dai-Dai making this piece very raw, tribal and almost primitive.

Below are two more examples of Clair's extraordinary watercolor work. Her images are soft and and show a wonderful knowledge of light and a clear understanding of the female form. Each image seems to hold its own secret story, which is the true hallmark of a successful illustrator.

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Katie said...

Gorgeous work, you are very talented Clair!

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