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Feb 15, 2011

Contest Update! -Deadline Extended.

So obviously today was the day I was supposed to put up the poll entry for the Beasts! book contest. I'm disappointed to say I didn't feel like we had enough entries to even hold a fair contest. So I'm extending the deadline till the end of the month. In case you missed it here are the rules. If you have any questions you can send an e-mail or ask in the comments. Our prize is the book...

The book is a wonderful collection of mythological monsters drawn by some of the best indie artists around.


1. All you have to do is turn in any letters you have yet to do OR your letter H if you have completed your previous letters OR both. Up to you.

2. To make it fair if you turn in more then one letter you will only be able to enter ONE in the contest. Your choice which. (specify in your e-mail)

3. At the end of Febuary I will make a post linking to all entries and have all Alphabeastiary members vote in the comments.

4. The winner will get the Beasts book and a drawing by me inside if you want one.

Our new contest deadline will be FEBRUARY 28th.


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